Friday, May 4, 2012

Barn Cats

Well I have new statement that came out of my child's mouth. I am pretty sure this should be more creepy than funny, but again when you are a country kid there is a different understanding about life.

Barn Cats....they come and go. The really tough ones live long lives. The not so smart or tough ones, well they become a tasty treat for a coon, coyote or whatever other predator there is lurking around the barn at night. 

Any way....Granny's cat has recently had babies which she promised the entire litter to my children when the kittens are ready. I said we could put them all out in the barn, where they would have an endless buffet of mice with the occasional rat (eww!). So as Gwen and Granny were visiting about the kittens, what they looked like and how many were there, I heard these words of complete country kid logic come out of my daughters mouth....

"Granny, make sure you bring me three so that when one dies I will still have two".

Some how this should be disturbing, I am sure, but it is just a fact of life that Gwen has come to realize about barn cats. Not to mention I am proud of the math skills she related to a real life situation. HA!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Things only country kids say

I have decided I need to start documenting the things my children say.
Of course we are country folk raising country folk kids.
This is a truly unique childhood these days. Not many kids get to experience the events that my kids get to experience and for this I am very blessed and grateful.

With that I will try to post the various comments my kids make that in any normal circumstances might make us sound like we are a bunch of crazy people, but living in the country these are normal everyday happenings.

the first comical statement is from none other than E3.

one day he went to the bathroom. After I finished helping him, I noticed in the pot an unusual amount of "stuff" (you know what i mean). Surprised, I asked "did all of that come out of you?"

E3 replied as proud as he could be, "yep, just like an egg"

I busted! of course just like an egg! HA only a country kid.

Next is a story a friend of ours told me
My friend and her husband live in the mountains in MT. They live kind of back country like and butcher all of their own meat right there at the ranch.

One day, at the ranch, they were watching their 3 year old niece .
My friend and her husband tried really hard not to let her watch them butcher their chickens (it can be kind of gruesome for a small child). So as they were going about cutting the heads off the chickens, trying to keep out of sight of the little girl, Carey, my friend did not notice her niece sneak up behind her. As Carey turned around with two freshly butchered chickens, one in each hand, there standing directly in front of her was her niece. Shocked and not wanting to totally scare her niece, all Carey could think to say was "well, what do you think?" With out hesitation or shock her niece simply replied,
"yep, they look pretty good to me"

I am sure this would not be the normal response from a child who did not grow up around this. A normal child might run away scared and crying from the watching of a chicken killing, but notthis one. HA!

I also want to start writing about some of the things that come out my mouth not only as a mother, but also as a mother of wild country children.

Have any of you other mothers out there ever heard yourself say or yell at your child who was in another room...

Is this normal mother talk? please let me know.


Saturday, March 3, 2012


I have to write about my lovely daughters new curiosity into learning a new language.
With that, these past few months we have become good friends with a Mexicano family here in North Dakota. Earl works with the dad of the family so through that we have become friends. Beings this family is Mexican-American they obviously are bilingual and speak both English and Spanish. Gwen has also been learning some spanish at school as well. With all that she very excitedly comes home one day and asks me "mom, How do you say 'Tacos' in Spanish?". I very surly tell her that it is the same, Tacos is Tacos no matter what language you speak. She does not agree and states that I do not know how to speak Spanish and that she is going to ask Sipriano (the dad). So a few days later Sipriano and two of his six daughters (yes that is six girls ranging in age from 15 t0 2!) show up for a visit. When Daizy and Evette walk in, Gwen first makes sure that they are Siprianos daughters and then quickly asks "how do you say Tacos in spanish?". Hand smacks forehead, I close my eyes and shake my head, "Did she really just ask that?" I think. The two teenage girls look at me as if I am a retard and can't teach my daughter that it does not matter what language you say "Tacos" in, it is all the same. Then the girls just giggle and say "tacos" with their Spanish accent and go about playing with the kiddos.

Gwen later on asked Sipriano the same question. I got the same look/reaction from him as well. But he very nicely told her that it was just "tacos".

I love my little girl's curiosity. She is so great, and matureing way too fast. For those of you who read this and have little ones younger than her, please enjoy it while it lasts! They take off like wildfire when school hits.

And remember Tacos is Tacos no matter what language you speak. Gwen did her research and now agrees. HAHAHA.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Merry Christmas!

My Beautiful Family!

I just love these guys (and Gal)

Santa Claus Day in Almont

Hello all! recently we made a visit to the great town of Almont, ND for Santa Claus Day. This is an event the town puts on for the area kids. It is amazing how giving this community is. I love it here! Santa Claus Day consists of yummy treats and Hot Cocoa, meeting Santa, and then getting your name drawn out of a hat for an unbelievable present. I could not believe what they were giving away. V-tech computers, bikes, rocking horses, trucks, barbies, 3 ft dolls. Amazing stuff. my kids were in toy heaven. Not only did each child get a toy they also got a stuffed animal for putting their name in the bucket to begin with. Oh and an ornament for talking to Santa. It was wonderful. Frank got a noisy Helicopter, Earl picked a sem and trailer with three street bikes on it, and Gwen choose a vacuum and ironing board set.

The cutest part of the whole thing was when earl got done talking to Santa, he received his bag of candy and peanuts. upon looking in the bag he looked up and asked "hey where is the monster truck I asked for?" Apparently whatever you ask for from Santa is supposed to magically appear in the brown bag you get from the elves. hehe.